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  • Free and safe in the land of 'ndrangheta

    When dealing with the issue of social security, one can see that the principles of the City planning, the functionality and the management of spaces that determine urban quality, are similar to those which favor urban security and the perception of the sense of citizens’ security. For this reason, social security can and must be identified as an objective of urban planning, which is linked to the concepts of sustainable development and quality of life. Although urban planning is not able to intervene on the causes of crime, it must contribute to the reduction of social risk factors and above all to their perception, influencing the form and uses of public space by applying the European principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. This essay still tries to bring politics back to the thesis of overcoming the dichotomy city planning / building project and to the idea that from a crisis a city planning vision, and not several building projects, comes out.

  • The wrong collective sense of security in the mafia territories

    Mafia tends to replace the State in the individual request for services to protect citizens. Therefore the presence of soft-crime, which would overshadow their power in the territory, can not be tolerated. The citizen, in the mafia crime territories, feels essentially sure that criminal facts do not interest him, but his freedom is strongly limited by the mafia business instead. The lack of freedom in economic initiative, for decades, has led young people to never try their own way off to work, but to immigrate to areas with greater freedom, even if with greater soft-crime. Request for social security and quality of life The economic conditions and social problems are some of the factors that produce insecurity in the cities, on these elements, besides the urban management, the way in which the cities are planned, planned and built, has a great influence, especially the process of identification in the environment in which they live and manage urban spaces. The other side of the problem is that the same crime problems cause a decline in economic activities and a lower use of public spaces. Mafia power, spy elements in the landscape The spy signals of the occupation of the territory are based on concrete needs of the citizens, which limit the freedom of the population and trigger spirals of violence and abuse. It is necessary to keep in mind those signs, even though small, such as urban decay, street traders, street altars of the dead, etc. All landscape signs that show the community the military and criminal occupation of the territory by the mafias.



    Looted common goods and environmental disasters In Calabria common goods are subject to a generalized individual predation, both by mafia, but even by individual citizens, such as illegal building, residential buildings on the beaches, without interruption, privatization of drinking water, rivers and streams, privatized forests. This essay relates the diminished conservation of the Commons goods with the increase of “environmental disasters” and indicates how the breaking of the local economic monopolies of negative lobbies, such as mafia, deviant masonry, can be realized thanks to Citizen Participation. Delocalize insecurities The acceptance of the principle of favoring nature leads to the need to recognize the risks, considered as the “probability” that a certain phenomenon, of a certain intensity, will occur. Recognizing risks and showing them means that every man has the right to be informed. This knowledge leads to the need to indicate the implementation of incentive plans for the relocation of risky building structures. In the mass media, hate pays, good / bad dichotomy In Italy, as in Europe, the political emphasis produced by the mass media has been used by the right-wing political parties to respond to the need of the community and hierarchical certainty, in our highly individualistic society. In this context we witness the dissolution of securities in a reality made up of oligarchical abuses and the world of cinema and TV, where good always prevails over evil. Political theories of the 20th century...